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The Cornerstone of Your Journey to Optimum Health
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Welcome to Hands On Health
Welcome to Hands On Health!
In a fast paced world where health information streams at us constantly, Hands On Health strives to provide you with a kind and informed voice, in a safe and engaging environment. Our purpose at Hands On Health is to inspire your transformation to wellness. As holistic health and wellness educators, we are passionate about providing a curriculum that will become the cornerstone of your journey to optimum health.

Ann Wilkinson
Ann Wilkinson is owner and director of Amoga Life and she services people with a variety of needs. [More about Ann...}
Hands On Health specializes in client-centered approaches to physical and rehabilitative therapy. This unique approach ensure each patient receives exactly the type of treatment they need, custom tailored to their situation and specific requirements.
Amoga Life Amoga Life provides Continuing Education in various healing techniques and self awareness education with classes, downloadable files, accessible videos, online instruction and more. We help you learn more about the things that heal you and how to work with your body, not against it.
Many are those who come to the Lit O' Bit O' Heaven farm for Hands On Health treatments and retreat. World reknown guests visit and offer their services and Amoga Life has world famous practitioners frequent the farm.
Herwig and Kerstin Schoen are Reconnective Therapists who use a very high frequency energy work for reconnecting all systems with your divine blueprint. Ann has also received extensive training with them worldwide and Reconnective Therapy is among Ann's applied skill base. Herwig and Kerstin recently provided group sessions on the farm for some 45 attendees.
Henrick Cervin and Cynthia Peters are specialist in Scalar and Indigo Treatments. Henrick has a remarkable device for scanning 10,000 systems in the body. Cynthia provides support for healing with herbs, remedies, dietary expertise and ionic foot baths.
Barry Helms is a Resurrection Therapist who provides unique and outstanding bodywork, breath and soul connection experience that is unprecedented.
Ambika Brahmacharini offers us training in Diksha; offering each other the gift of Light and Meditation and the Teachings of Her Holiness Sai Maa. Ambika has devoted her life to service who has become an outstanding counselor and teacher who provides personal sessions as well as group work.

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