Ann Wilkinson

ann-wilkinson-portrait-02Ann Wilkinson is owner and director of Amoga Life / Hands On Health and she  services people with a variety of needs.

Amoga Life specializes in client-centered approaches to physical and rehabilitative therapy.

This unique approach ensure each patient receives exactly the type of treatment they need, custom tailored to their situation and specific requirements.

Ann’s many years of hands on physical therapy is complemented by the fact that she is also a licensed medical professional. More than 20 years of hands-on experience treating patients and a never-ending desire to constantly learn and build upon her experience, are just of few of the many reasons Ann Wilkinson’s Amoga Life / Hands on Health has been dubbed Delaware Valley’s Premier Physical Therapy provider by thousands of satisfied patients.

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Ann has a vast understanding not only of traditional medical practice but also an in-depth knowledge of the world of holistic practice.

Unique Approach to Physical Therapy

Ann has the Unique Ability to Integrate a Variety of Traditional and Homeopathic Rehabilitative Therapies

This unique blend allows her to have a basket of tools and techniques from which to rely on, in providing the most personalized direct and specific treatment for each individual. A licensed physical therapist and graduate of the University of Delaware, she has also attained a Masters degree from the University of Pittsburgh in medical relations. Traveling the world to study all aspects of health, healing and wellness, she is a sought after lecturer and teacher as well. Having diverse and extensive experience treating patients internationally, she is an incredible resource of information on pain and orthopedic dysfunction. Combining techniques has proven to be successful. Ann has the flexibility and knowledge to apply physical therapy, osteopathic and homeopathy. She stresses such disciplines as Yoga, Tai Chi and dance, which heavily influences her body awareness program. She has created quite a niche for helping people not responding to any other procedures. Ann’s unique experience and wide range of techniques enables her to answer questions for patients having pain or having complicated pain and dysfunction from accidents, falls, injury, chronic illness or stress-related pain. Because her technique is so unique, it can be applied to people of all ages and all levels of functioning. She also has extensive experience with animal healing.