Origins of Hands On Health & Amoga Life: Ann Wilkinson

Ann Wilkinson on origins of Hands On Health and Amoga Life and her practice, education, therapeutic training and spiritual discoveries with interviewer, K. David Katzmire, on March 22, 2014.


Ann Wilkinson interview: founder of Hands On Heath & Amoga Life

Ann Wilkinson, founder of Hands On Health, speaks with interviewer, K. David Katzmire about Hands On Health healing center and Amoga Life teaching techniques. (Recorded on March 4, 2014 at the Hands On Health farm).


Healing Hands Therapy

Ann Wilkinson speaks with interviewer, Lisa Shaffne, about healing hands therapy as practice at her business, Hands On Health. (Recorded in 2011).


An Interview with Ann Wilkinson on the Farm

Ann Wilkinson is interview on “Lil’ Bit O’Heaven” Farm about Hands On Health and Amoga Life Classes on June 15, 2013.