Ann Wilkinson on Cycles Radio: Alternative, Complimentary & Integrated Healing

blogtalkradio-cycles-logo-300px-300pxAnn Wilkinson is the originator of Hands on Health and Amoga Life where she practices and teaches: osteopathy, myofascial release, and craniosacral therapy.  Her courses teach healing practitioners with continuing education credits and life enhancement skills at her bio-dynamic farm, in southeast Pennsylvania.  A world-renowned healer and writer, specializing in the treatment of chronic pain, she sends energy spiraling into and out of your body in ways you may have never experienced.  In a quote from Ann, “I see the light in the structure of space, and pull it into the body so that it can heal. Everything is Love and Light.”

Hear Ann Wilkinson interviewed on Cycles Radio as
K. David Katzmire, host of The Cycles Of Change radio program
asks about:

Integrated Healing, Where Are We Now?